Sugar Slang Guide

As quickly as you started looking into the sugar dating world, you no doubt found that it almost needs figuring out a brand-new language to comprehend all of the slang, acronyms, abbreviations, and terms associated with numerous elements of sugar dating. Lots of them can be discovered in text, e-mail, and messaging discussions in between Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

Sugar Dating Acronyms and Abbreviations

SR: Sugar Relationship
SD: Sugar Daddy
SM: Sugar Mommy
SB: Sugar Baby
SD/SB: Another referral to sugar dating (Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby).
SB/SD: Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship.
D/s: Submissive and dominant, describes a particular relationship dynamic where one individual has authority over the other, often just in the bedroom.
POT: Actually means potential and can describe either a prospective Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy or a Sugar Baby.
NSA: No Strings Attached – a relationship with no dedications or any designated dedications to be anticipated, needed, or recommended by anyone in the relationship.
FWB:  Friends With Benefits – A relationship where 2 people consider themselves platonic good friends, without any romantic accessories or status, however who may participate in a one-night stand from time to time.
PPM: Pay-Per-Meet, often utilized in the start of a relationship when an ongoing committment has not, yet, been developed or is not possible, however enables everybody to gain from the dates or meetings.
STA: Short-Term Arrangement, a mutually beneficial arrangement of brief period in between a SB and a SD/SM, generally of 6 months or less.
LTA: Long Term Arrangement, a mutually beneficial arrangement in between a SD/SM and a SB that is of a longer, more substantial period, generally of longer than 6 months, whether it was meant or not from the start of the relationship or plan.
LBD: Little Black Dress, normally describes a dress or other attire that makes a Sugar Baby feel positive and especially appealing. While frequently actually black, it might be of any color, in theory.

Sugar Relationship: A mutually beneficial arrangement normally in between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby, where one partner supplies monetary security and the other partner supplies friendship and other comforts.
Sugar Baby: Normally an appealing, young girl looking for a rich protector, however may, likewise, describe a boy looking for a gay SD/SB relationship or for a Sugar Mama.
Sugar Daddy: Normally, a rich older male ready to offer compensation to an appealing young girl in exchange for her friendship, attention, and time.
Sugar Mommy: A rich older female who cares for a more youthful male.
Sugar Honey: A rich girl who attends to a Sugar Baby.
Sugar Bear: A rich boy who provides for Sugar Babies.
Sugar Pup: In some cases utilized to explain a male Sugar Baby, whether in a same-sex or heterosexual arrangement.
Sugar Bowl: The world of sugar dating, compared to a bowl filled with sweet sugar.
Budget: Just how much a Sugar Baby requires to make a mutually beneficial arrangement useful for her.
Big Daddy: A substantially rich Sugar Daddy who has no limitations to exactly what he can offer his Sugar Baby.
Splenda Daddy/Mommy: A wannabe Sugar Daddy/Mommy who does not really have enough funds to be a genuine Sugar Daddy/Mommy. They may be able pay for a couple of pricey dates or presents, however they would not have the ability to offer a considerable month-to-month allowance or to handle any costs on a Sugar Baby’s behalf. They may be enjoyable for a STA or periodic getaways, however, are not efficient in sustaining a LTA.
Salt Daddy/Mommy: A phony SD/SM who is either lying about their wealth wishing to bring in somebody for a fast fling or somebody who has the fortune to invest in a SB, however, does not follow through on their pledges after getting exactly what they have actually requested for from a Sugar Baby.
Salty: Utilized to explain a person who is dissatisfied with their arrangement or experiences in the sugar dating world. Can, likewise, be utilized synonymously with Salt Daddy/Mommy.
Angel Baby: an especially lovely, classy, and cultured Sugar Baby who has actually made being a Sugar Baby a profession and has high requirements and high expectations to keep the way of life.
Tuition Baby: A Sugar Baby searching for assistance spending for her instructional expenditures.
Arrangement: Describes the formalized arrangement in between a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy and a Sugar Baby specifying exactly what each will give the relationship.
Hookup: Describes a relationship just for sex, usually asked for by individuals who do not plan to form an Arrangement and do not comprehend exactly what real sugar dating entails.
Road Sugar: Describes a Sugar Daddy who looks for a Sugar Baby or Sugar Babies that he goes to while away from his house and generally needs considerable discretion.
Sugar on the Side: A Sugar Baby to a married or otherwise connected Sugar Daddy who is trying to find a discreet buddy.
Allowance: A monetary amount offered to the Sugar Baby regularly weekly or normally month-to-month.
Freestyle: Searching For a SD/SM beyond online sugar dating sites, such as by often visiting locations where affluent older males can be discovered or going to occasions that draw rich older guys.

As popular culture alters and grows, these terms may, too, modify, however, this list ought to a minimum get you to begin comprehending how the sugar dating world works and the suitable terms utilized for those in it. In addition, comprehending these terms will conserve your time and save you the problem of needing to ask others for a description. The sugar dating world can be a competitive one and any little benefit or drawback can make the distinction in between early success and failure or at minimum of lengthening your search.

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