Sugar Dating: Temporary Fix Or Long-Term Solution?

For better or for worse, sugar dating is often seen as a solution to some sort of need or problem. This is especially obvious among sugar babies, for whom a sugar dating arrangement is an effective way to earn cash for services provided. These services can range from mere companionship and time spent together (in public or in private) to more sexual or romance-based arrangements.

That is the typical way by which sugar dating is used in order to address a need, in this case, a woman’s need for money. But men use sugar dating to serve their own ends as well. Some men opt to become sugar daddies in preference to having to establish a romance-based relationship. Others simply want the companionship that a sugar baby provides. Others still may prefer to enjoy a sexual relationship with no strings attached.

All these are valid reasons to enter into a sugar dating relationship. The relationship itself may last for as long–or as short–as the partners wish, although it is often the sugar daddy’s decision to put an end to the relationship if he wishes to stop supporting his sugar baby.

There is no specific time frame or time limit that determines how long a sugar dating relationship should last. The circumstances vary from person to person, and what may seem too long for one person may be “just getting started” for another sugar daddy. Some arrangements may last for only a few months, while others may last for several years.

What each and every sugar daddy will have to determine is whether his maintenance of the sugar dating lifestyle is a temporary episode or a lifestyle choice. There are benefits and drawbacks to each, and only the sugar daddy himself can determine the appropriateness of his decision.

Whether temporary, long-term, or permanent, sugar dating may be used to serve a specific need or a function. Some men hook up with a sugar baby simply to rekindle some of their youthful vigor and vitality, while some may be after a more long-term relationship. Still others may be doing so to stave off the inevitability of a more ‘serious’ relationship, while others may have given up on romance altogether.  Let’s take a look at some of the circumstances surrounding each.

Testing the waters

In the wake of a failed relationship or the death of a partner, a man may opt to get into sugar dating as a way to bring some joy and happiness back into his life. Some men may prefer not to get into a ‘real’ relationship at this point in their lives, although they may be open to the more temporal nature of a sugar dating relationship.

Still others may use sugar dating as a way to “get back into the game” and to get started on reentering the social scene. For men that have been married to the same person for many years, sugar dating provides a ‘safe’ and easy way to test the relationship waters without diving into the deep end.

When sugar dating fills a need

Obviously, sugar dating fulfills a need for most every person that becomes involved in such a relationship. There is often a healthy rationale behind this action, and few can be faulted for wanting to become a sugar daddy if the other needs and responsibilities in his life are otherwise fulfilled.

That being said, entering into a sugar dating relationship may not be the best course of action if it is used as a substitute for some more appropriate solution or action. If you are out trying to bed as many sugar babies as you can out of some need to assert your virility, there are clearly some underlying issues that you need to address first. In the same way, if you are opting for the temporal nature of a sugar dating relationship out of fear of intimacy or committing to a ‘serious’ relationship, such a relationship can’t be healthy for you in the long-term.

Regardless of your reasons for becoming a sugar daddy or wanting to become one, it is important to be honest with yourself regarding what your goals and intentions are, as well the rationale for your actions. You can certainly refuse to confront the issue head on if that is your choice, but be aware of the long-term implications of using sugar dating as a sort of Band-Aid for some issues that you would be better off addressing sooner rather than later.

Sugar dating as a lifestyle choice

For some sugar daddies, sugar dating is more of a lifestyle choice than anything else. Some men may simply be more comfortable with the idea of paying women for their companionship instead of investing time, emotions, and commitment in a ‘real’ relationship. Whether it is a rejection of traditional relationship models or a desire for a less-complicated lifestyle, this is something that more and more people will turn to as time goes on, and their numbers are likely to increase in the future.

Sugar dating as the end-game

There are also those that view sugar dating as a means to an end. More specifically, some sugar daddies hope to find in their sugar babies someone who could be their partner in a long-term relationship. Stranger things have happened, and there are certainly enough sugar dating relationships that have ended in wedding bells to encourage someone to make a go at it.

But just as we would caution sugar babies from pinning their hopes on getting a marriage proposal from their sugar daddies, so too would we warn sugar daddies of the risks of trying to find “The One” among all the sugar babies they date. Happy endings tend to be the exception rather than the norm in the world of sugar dating, and you definitely don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment. Keep your expectations reasonable and see your sugar dating relationship for what it really is, and you will be at much less risk of pain, suffering, and disappointment later on.