Sugar Dating–How Good It Can Get

We’ve all heard the stories of sugar dating relationships gone wrong–of manipulative sugar babies that fleece their men for all their worth, of con artists that leave gullible old sugar daddies heartbroken and destitute, and so on. Although those stories should well be taken seriously and serve as cautionary tales, it is just as important to highlight the positives–the mutually agreeable relationships, the happy endings, and even the fairytale romances that do take place within the bounds of the sugar dating environment.

For every story of a sugar dating relationship gone badly, there are likely more than a few stories that have turned out quite the opposite. We’ve taken the time to interview four sugar daddies, each of whom are involved in happy and rewarding relationships. From first time sugar daddies to longtime veterans of the sugar dating scene, these men are testament to the joy and fulfillment that may be in store for you in a sugar dating relationship if you play your cards right.


Dave is what you would call a “man’s man”. A brawny and ruggedly handsome man in his late 50s, he seems like the type of person who always has a couple of women hanging around. Why then would he opt for a sugar baby instead of get involved in a “serious” relationship?

“I’ve had more than my share of relationship-based drama over the years,” Dave said. “I’m not ashamed to admit that much of it was my fault, with most of the friction and conflict due to my own selfishness, immaturity, and sheer dog-headedness. In any case, it was clear that I wasn’t going to be satisfied in a more traditional relationship, so I opted to find myself a sugar baby instead. After a few false starts and one or two failed relationships, I became involved with Jenna, and I couldn’t be happier!”

Asked if he would consider settling down at some future date, Dave said: “I’m not totally adverse to the idea if the right one comes along. But as it is, Jenna is exactly who I want to be with right now, and that’s good enough for me.”


Cameron is an interesting case in that he isn’t someone you would normally expect to become a sugar daddy. A son of a successful property developer, Cam fully expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, which didn’t involve hooking up with a sugar baby!

“I had my future all planned out,” Cam said. “I had even taken the initial steps into getting my business degree, but something kept gnawing on me. It was like I had a nagging sense of unfulfilled destiny and that I was meant for something else entirely.”

Cam decided that a trip to Europe to “find himself” was in order, and thankfully his parents agreed. It was there that he found his calling in the restaurant trade…and his sugar baby, a Spanish girl named Martha.

“That trip to Europe was the best thing that I could have possibly done,” said Cameron. “It not only enabled me to find my true passion, but also helped me realize that I preferred the more casual set up of a sugar dating relationship rather than the restrictiveness of a traditional romance-based relationship.


If there is anyone that could be described as a stereotypical sugar daddy, it would have to be Sid. Married for over thirty years to his college sweetheart, Sid eventually found himself all alone with grownup kids and a failed marriage.

“My wife and I just sort grew apart,” said Sid. “After the kids moved away, we both realized that there was very little reason to stay together. She is still very much involved in her career, so we decided that it was time to part ways.”

“Of course, I realized that being alone wasn’t very much fun, so I set about finding some form of companionship,” he said.

After realizing that the dating circuit wasn’t for him, Sid decided to take on a sugar baby instead. “Having a sugar baby is the next best thing to being part of a romantic relationship,” Sid said. “It’s great having companionship when you need it but still have enough alone time to maintain independence.”

Asked if he would ever consider getting married again, Sid said: “I honestly can’t say that I would. As it is, Margot (his sugar baby) ticks all my boxes for me right now. I won’t say ‘never’, but I don’t think I will be quite that eager to go down that road any time soon!”


At 48, James is still a fairly young man. One would wonder then why he has chosen to become a sugar daddy instead of being part of a ‘normal’ relationship as many other men of his age. “I really just got tired of the whole dating, getting serious, and then moving in together cycle,” James said. “I have had my share of happy and satisfying relationships over the years, and for those I am grateful. But I found that as time goes on and as I get older, I want more and more time to myself to pursue my own passions.” (James is a professional photographer, a rock climber, and a certified diving instructor.)

“Instead of committing to a ‘serious’ relationship and risk hurting and disappointing yet another partner by my inability to “be there”, I simply decided that having a sugar baby was the way to go. This way, I get to do what I want, no one gets hurt, and I get the companionship I need on an “as-needed” basis.”

As you can see, it takes all kinds to become sugar daddies. Not everyone is destined to get the satisfaction and fulfillment that these men have gotten from their relationships, but it is entirely possible. So the next time that someone tells you that sugar dating is a temporary thing or that it won’t necessarily lead to long-term happiness, you now know exactly what to tell them!