Or not. And tomorrow doesn’t look good here, either!

I would love to say otherwise, but no matter how you look at it, is not worth your time. The dating site didn’t exactly hit the spot for me, which is why I only gave it 2 stars.  The site is expensive with no significant benefits to any Sugar Baby to make it worthwhile paying for it, especially when there are better options for less or even entirely free out there. Let’s look at what this dating site really entails. Membership Isn’t Free

When you sign up, you have to immediately enter your Paypal account information – which is strange for a 100% free site. The next page will let you know that your first 10 days are free. After that it’s just $5 a month. If you go through with it, you’ll get an email telling you that you get 7 days free. Which means that you somehow lost three days, and it makes the site seem like it’s just trying to get money out of its members with loopholes. It is not free.

Having both Sugar Daddies AND Sugar Babies pay for memberships just doesn’t make sense. Having both parties pay the same amount is even weirder. Are you looking for a man who can only pay $5 to meet you? Or a girl who will only give up $5 for the chance to be set up for the rest of her life? $5 a month doesn’t make sense.  It isn’t high enough to prove that either person is actually committed to finding the right person for them; it’s just high enough that you might forget about it and keep paying for it month after month once you dump the site.

Once you’ve joined you have to wait up to 48 hours to be approved. We can’t really figure out what they’re approving – you have to enter almost no information when you sign up. Really all that Sugar Daddy Today wants is your Paypal information. Then they give you dates that change.  Is the free trial 10 days or 7 days? Does it start the day I sign up or two days later when I’m approved? These questions aren’t answered anywhere (and we weren’t going to keep our profiles long enough to find out).

Search Results

Once you start searching Sugar Daddy Today, you’ll find out why they let anyone on: there are almost no members. The front page says that there are over 80,000 members, but we could find no more than a few hundred. The search functions really well. You can find people based on where they are or what type of physical preferences you have.

This makes finding what you like on Sugar Daddy Today really easy, but there is almost no one to choose from once you’ve entered your specifications. They let you enter really specific locations, not just metro areas, so there is, also, a very good chance that whoever you find is going to be nowhere near you if you aren’t careful.

Beware of the “new members” section at the bottom of Sugar Daddy Today. This includes some nice looking men to draw you in, but that list just rotates through ten or twelve members. It will seem like there are more Sugar Daddies joining by the hour ,but when you log back in the next day, the same POT Sugar Daddies from yesterday will be posted, and it will rotate through the selection again. Their process of adding men seems to be broken or it’s just sketchy. Either way, you’ll want to ignore this section.

It makes sense that the new members keep rotating because the pickings are very slim on Sugar Daddy Today. On the bright side, this means there are very few fake profiles. We were never directed off site for cams or shows. There were no automatic responses to messages. When you interact with someone, you know it’s real. Unlike other sites, you don’t have to worry about wasting time talking to a spambot.

Site’s Features

Another quirk is the message system itself. It’s ancient. There’s no IMing here. There’s no place for quick, flirty chats. This messaging system is meant for long love letters. If that’s your style, you’re in luck. But if you’re not a poet, and you prefer most fast-paced action, this is not the place for you. The site is only set up to send messages that are exactly like emails.

There is an inbox and outbox in the mailing system where you can see if someone has opened your message. This feature can only lead to bad news. Either they opened the message and didn’t respond or they haven’t been online and opened the message. There is no good outcome for the outbox (unless you like disappointment, in which case you might be better suited for a fetish site).


We found out 50% of the Sugar Daddies have no profile picture. 20% admit that they don’t have money, and they’re just looking for “online fun”. The last 30% are spread out all over the world and most haven’t been active on the site in a long time. After 48 hours, I only received SIX messages. That is absolutely unheard of for a Sugar Babe on a dating site.

Once those messages came through, they were nothing to write home about. Most were just copied and pasted and clearly sent to every girl who popped up. The others immediately asked for phone numbers or a one night stand. No one ever made an effort to get to know me as a special Sugar Baby or to introduce themselves as legit Sugar Daddies. The site would be passable if the few members were quality, but they weren’t.

Conclusion of Review

Sugar Daddy Today is not for you if you have more discerning tastes or if you want chat on the site before giving out contact information. If you want to find someone that you’re really compatible with, give a different site a try. There are better options out there to find the right match for you.

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