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Today, we are going to review the site.  At first it seemed like a great site for meeting my perfect Sugar Daddy.  The site looks like one of the nice and legit sugar dating websites even on how its platform looks like.  However, after interacting with it, I started to notice that it was not as high quality as it’s being advertised to its users and potential Sugar Babies. Also, on top of that, this site keeps asking for more and more of your hard earned money on some irrelevant stuff on this site. As a Sugar Baby, I’d want to definitely find myself a rich older Sugar Daddy in such a sugar dating site to have a good time, also, for him to have my bills taken care of! Well, sorry to say this but all my hopes for landing myself a real Sugar Daddy got crushed down after visiting this dating site. I have compiled my awful experience with this site in the following review of the site. Read along to find out why this site is a total waste of time.  Signing up and Creating a Profile

We first look at the site’s sign up process. Well, I must say signing up to this site is quite simple, and I had no problems creating my account. It’s probably the only good thing the dating site will offer you as a rookie to the dating site. You require an email address, or a young Sugar Baby can choose to use their Facebook account.  After signing up, one is usually taken through the process of making up of her profile with some standard things like their height, age, location, and an option whether to add a profile picture or not and a heading/title to assist one’s profile look appealing.  The next step is usually doing a typical introduction that describes you as a Sugar Baby and what are your preferences and interests in life. This is always important as it will be what your POT Sugar Daddies will be seeing when looking for a Sugar Baby.  Once you’ve clicked on the “last step” button, it takes you back to your profile, where there’s an upgrade now link that offers “a Full access to 30+ premium features” option with fee options.

Subscription Prices

The site’s payment fees normally vary according to the number of months you’ll sign up for and whether you need to access the site from your PC and, also, on your mobile device.  As you can see for yourself, the site is pretty costly.

The following are the subscription prices on the website and mobile site access:

  • 1 month fee: $50
  • 3 month fee: $90
  • 6 month fee: $144

Subscription charges on an iOS app:

  • 1 month fee: $59.99
  • 3 month fee: $99.99
  • 6 month fee: $159.99

Payment prices of Android app:

  • 1 month fee: $59.99
  • 3 month fee: $99.99

Gold Membership

A simple membership for any Sugar Baby is usually free and will include you providing a photo for verification purposes, sending unlimited winks to members, quick searches, reading and replying to messages which are sent to you by POT SD’s, commenting on photos, and accessing blogs and even attending sugar dating forums. However, so as to filter searches and make sending a message possible, you need to be a premium/gold subscriber of the site.

The following are some the features included in of the premium/gold:

  • Beginning e-mails or private live chats.
  • Looking at how frequent one replies e-mails
  • Suggesting your first date gift
  • Seeing a member’s last login time
  • Opening premium e-mail and even wink filter options
  • Placing filters for those who can look at your profile and even approach you
  • Asking for access to other POT SD’s private albums and even limiting those who can access your private albums
  • Saving your search criteria and viewing saved searches.
  • Viewing who is interested in you or who viewed your profile and liked your photos
  • Having access to certified wealthy Sugar Daddies
  • Appearing top at the very top in searches

Profile Page

On the side of your profile page there is a list of Sugar Daddy suggestions that “you might like,” which was my first Red Alert that this sugar dating site might be all hype or worse a scam. The list of profiles which I came across had pictures of whack, unsuccessful looking, unattractive men, who will just bore you to death. They totally didn’t meet any expectation or even any resemblance whatsoever of successful wealthy men.  Some were even unable to manage to center their faces on the profile picture, half of these men all one can see is just the brim of a baseball cap or a just a forehead.  A couple of the provided profiles weren’t even legit Sugar Daddies, plus they had other Sugar Babies already! You can imagine the dismay of any Sugar Baby who wants to hook up with a good match in this kind of site.

Privacy Policy

After going all through these tragic moments on this site, I decided to have a look at how the Sugar Daddy Meet website is really run.  According to the site’s privacy policy, Sugar Daddy Meet is just one of a number of series of “affiliated” websites.  This simply means that Sugar Daddy Meet is owned by another website,, which operates a number of affiliated dating sites, not all of which they even own!  To quote directly from the site privacy policy, “Although the Member database is owned and maintained by, most of the websites within the Network are not owned or operated by”  I was like, what the hell??  What this basically means is that your Sugar Baby profile info has been posted to this entire network of sites, which they claim helps to get more better matches.  In reality, this means that your profile info gets passed to sites which may or may not be as discriminating in their verification process as the site you’re allegedly initially signed up to use.  Ugh, from this point I didn’t need more matches to sort through.  All I wanted was a one simple sugar dating site that would just lead me to my one perfect Sugar Daddy!

The more I explored their privacy policy, the more it became clear that this wasn’t for me. Their privacy policy claims that the other affiliate sites are just simply landing pages which lead to its users to their main site, the Sugar Daddy Meet.  Only it just said that the site is owned by another site, so how is it the main site?  The privacy policy continues to say, “Websites other than Affiliates need to have their own privacy policy if they are collecting Personal Private information about you.  While the privacy policy provides a supposedly current list of their affiliated (but remember these are mostly not owned or even operated by the main site), who is to say it is in fact a complete list?

You can find this list here: I’m keeping tabs on this list, so that I know what other Sugar Baby websites to avoid!

Review:  Recurrent Extra Fees

On top of this whole mess with all these extra affiliated websites that I didn’t have any idea about from the start, Sugar Daddy Meet has got extra fees for its users.  Now I know that a successful, POT wealthy Sugar Daddy is more than likely a busy man, but I don’t have the time to wait for a response from a prospective POT SD.  Especially, when there’s no guarantee that the profile is even an active profile.  As a matter of fact, Sugar Daddy Meet will charge Sugar Babies an extra fee for checking when the profile was last active!  It’s just ridiculous.  That really adds up when trying to know if a profile is worth bothering or not.  I’m in search for wealthy Sugar Daddies that will take care of me, why would this sugar site think that it means I want to spend my own money on them?  It is hard enough to find an attractive and interesting POT on this site.  You’d think they’d have some way of checking for inactive profiles and removing them from the search option.  Who wants to have their time wasted with inactive Sugar Daddy profiles?

Conclusion of Review

After reviewing Sugar Daddy Meet, it deserves a two stars rating.  Set up may be an easy thing to do, but my worries include:

  • Their uncertain privacy policy
  • Unverified network of affiliated websites
  • Extra fees
  • Dull list of men

I guess I should have known it was too good to be true.  Not all the sites are bad, though! Thanks for reading and check back soon for another review!

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