More Than Money: 4 Important Things Every Sugar Baby Needs from Her Sugar Daddy

sugar baby needs

When people think of a happy, well-kept sugar baby, it’s hard not to focus on things like the beautiful things she has and the amazing trips she gets to enjoy thanks to her sugar daddy. However, while it’s true that good sugar daddies never let their babies want for anything in the financial department, sugar babies need more than money to feel happy and fulfilled in their relationships. The following are some excellent examples that all aspiring sugar daddies should keep in mind.

  • Generosity

Any sugar daddy can be generous with his money and the perks that come with living the luxe life. However, that’s not all being truly generous at heart is all about. Great sugar daddies know how to make their babies feel special on a level ordinary boyfriends simply can’t. They remember special dates, as well as all of their sugar babies’ unique preferences.

They remember little offhand things their babies mention liking or wanting and use what they know to plan sweet surprises as well. Everyone likes to know that their partner truly sees them, hears them, and keeps them on their mind when they can’t be together. Sugar babies are no different.

  • Honesty

Money isn’t the reason why so many sugar relationships are successful. Neither is the status that comes with being affluent and connected. It’s the level of honesty that’s present right from the get-go. No one enters into a sugar relationship with unspoken expectations or by playing mind games. Both parties are mature enough and brave enough to put all their cards on the table right in the beginning – to say “this is what I need from you and here is what I can give you in return”.

That said, it should go without saying that honesty is important to your sugar baby. Always treat her with fairness and respect. Keep your word and your promises. Always do what you say you’ll do, and never force her to remind you, especially not more than once. Make sure she knows she can always be up front and forthright with you as well.

  • Sense of Adventure

You don’t need to be told that your sugar baby is young, vibrant, and energetic. After all, that’s part of what you love about her. She’s excited about life and really wants to experience the world, as well as everything it has to offer. That’s part of why she’s with you. She’s not an ordinary girl who’s content to languish in an ordinary life. She wants to live life to the fullest, and she needs a partner who wants to do it with her.

Although no one expects you to have the same energy you did when you were 20, you should know that your sugar baby wants you to have a sense of adventure. She doesn’t just want to travel, explore, and experience. She wants to do it with you by her side, so plan adventures for the two of you to have together. Take her along when you have to travel to interesting locations on business. You’ll both have a blast.

  • Guidance

If your sugar baby is like most, she’s passionate about the idea of making something of herself. She’s got goals, dreams, and things she’d like to accomplish. She may even have made some of these dreams come true over the years for herself without your help. However, don’t let the fact that she’s a brilliant independent spirit convince you that she doesn’t want your guidance.

You’re as successful and affluent as you are because you’re exceptionally good at something. You’re in a class by yourself, and you’ve no doubt learned a thing or too along the way to where you are right now. Your sugar baby wants to learn from you and be part of your big, wonderful world. She’d love it if you gave her that opportunity.

At the end of the day, a sugar daddy is more than just a boyfriend with deep pockets. A sugar daddy is friend, a mentor, a partner, and wonderful source of support. Be that to the best of your ability for your sugar baby and you’re sure to be happy for many years to come.