Mistress or Sugar Baby?

Am I the mistress? It’s a question on the mind of numerous new young Sugar Babies. Sugar dating isn’t expected to be drastically different than regular dating, except that Sugar Babies know there’s the chance that they aren’t the only female in the Sugar Daddy’s life. For some young Sugar Babies, being the only lady is a huge deal, while for others exclusivity isn’t a big issue, especially, if they aren’t thinking about being exclusive themselves. If you’re questioning if your Sugar Daddy is wed or seeing somebody else or several somebodies else, whatever your feelings about it might be, there are many methods to learn if he’s married or has another female that he’s seeing.

Take Notice of the Details

When does your Sugar Daddy call you? Does he have very specific times that he calls and just calls at those times? If it’s only late in the evening, throughout work hours, or when he’s in the middle of a commute, there’s a good chance that it’s because those are the only times it is safe to call his Sugar Baby due to the fact that he is attempting to conceal his activity from someone.  It could be that your Sugar Daddy is utilizing numerous gadgets to keep his personal life separated, too. If he is going to such lengths to hide things, it is tough to say exactly what else he is hiding or why.

Where do you and your Sugar Daddy Usually Meet Up?

If you know where he lives and/or works, and where you meet is no place near there, it might be that he is attempting to keep his sugar relationship with you discreet. Going outside his typical neighborhoods might be a sign that he is trying to reduce the possibility that he and your Sugar Baby runs into anyone he knows. It might just be that he is a private person and doesn’t want to have his various social circles overlapping till he is more comfortable. On the other hand, he might be putting so much distance between them for an excellent reason or reasons.

Is your Sugar Daddy Utilizing his True Name or an Alias?

Generally, it is not such a bad idea not to share your true names on the Internet for individual security, whether you are a potential Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy and whether or not you are married or single. There are fraudsters, blackmailers, and other kinds of scary stalkers out there that try to take advantage of both single Sugar Babies and any kind of Sugar Daddies.  However, a Sugar Daddy might wish to hide his identity to hide things about his life that he doesn’t want you to know about.

Divorced man taking off wedding ring

Decide What Type of Sugar Relationship You Want

While for some young Sugar Babies, the idea of being a mistress is a problem, for others it is not a huge problem. However, some of that might, also, depend on particularly what kind of sugar relationship you desire or find. It is in fact possible to have a platonic sugar relationship. It may seem unlikely with all the preconceptions about sugaring being mostly about sex, however it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for a Sugar Daddy to be thinking about simply a pretty pal, someone that doesn’t put the stress on him that other, romantic relationships do. Lots of Sugar Daddies are trying to find an escape from that stress and simply desire somebody that they can unwind with without any other expectations or need to perform.

If you are particularly trying to find a single Sugar Daddy, you must put that out there plainly. Put it on your profile and don’t hesitate to discuss it with POT SD. You are going to have to be careful about researching any potential rich older men because some of them are quite good and experienced at concealing their tricks and secrets.

Many of these small bits of information and lots of others, could show that he is currently wed and searching for someone on the side, inconspicuously or otherwise. There are numerous reasons that a rich Sugar Daddy may wish to have a discreet secondary relationship, specifically with a hot young Sugar Baby. Perhaps he’s looking for someone to fulfill particular needs that his current partner can’t meet or won’t. Or perhaps his home life has actually gotten too comfortable, and he is looking for somebody more interesting.  For some older men, they may still love their wives, but these women no longer excite them physically due to aging. Or he has requirement of someone to travel with him or keep him company in various cities that he may visit. So, it is important that prior to stepping into the sugar bowl, you choose if being the other woman, the secondary girlfriend or mistress, is something that you want to do or not. Not all Sugar Babies are all right with being the secondary relationship or among many ports of call. And that is all right. On the other hand, it is okay if it doesn’t bother you in the least. too.

To be fair, it is a difficult call to make for some, and there are many arguments for and against being a mistress. Some will inform you it is completely wrong, immoral, and separates marital relationships, while others will tell you that it is more than possible to be in love with numerous people at the exact same time. Each Sugar Baby needs to choose for herself what her ethical borders are and how far she can comfortably stretch them or if they are firm, hard lines.

Describe your reasoning for not being interested in being in a sugar relationship with someone already in a relationship and keep in mind that you should be firm about your stance in this matter. Some Sugar Daddies may not be used to the rejection or can’t wrap their head around the idea that a Sugar Baby might not be willing to do anything he wants.  You will need to be prepared to do what is best for you and block a persistent Sugar Daddy if he continues to try to convince you to engage in a relationship that makes you uncomfortable.  We discuss effective ways to say no in another post, so keep an eye out for it!

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