Is it worth playing a waiting game?

I have found, which boasts of plenty of Sugar Daddies who are lawyers, CEOs, doctors, Hollywood celebrities, professional models, and even pro athletes. It is among the top online sugar dating sites for rich men looking for young Sugar Babies. The site offers more than just sugar dating services including an indulgence guide that focuses on cars, fashion, yachts, and personal services from founder Patti Stanger, who is known for the hit Bravo show, The Millionaire Matchmaker. However, with its pricing and a few hitches here and there on the website, I give it a 3 star rating. Here’s what the Millionaire’s Club website entails. Joining (as a Single)

Joining the site as a “single” is free, However, it requires that you fill out the form, provide very specific information about yourself and what you are looking for,  professional photos, and then you will be contacted by the Club if, and only if, a match is found for you.  The instructions specify that you are not to try to contact the Club or Patti during  process or you will be automatically disqualified. You will be matched based on your requests, and you won’t have to go through the stress of searching alone and on your own. However, if you are married (or admit to being married), the Millionaire’s Club will not allow you into its database, and if you are not legally divorced, yet, but separated, you may not register to use the sugar dating site, either.

Membership Packages (For Millionaires)

If you’re curious what the options for the wealthy Sugar Daddies are, I found five packages to choose from in our Millionaire’s Club review depending on how deep their pockets are. And they are all named after precious metals, probably because one can buy an entire mine at the asked for price.

Bronze Package

A wealthy Sugar Daddy will be down $45,000 per year if he opts for this base package. For the equivalent cost of a new Ford F-150, he gets:

  • 1 year of unlimited dating in US/Canada.
  • 1 hour relationship counseling session
  • 2 month freeze: put the membership on hold for up to 2 months
  • Patti’s “commandments of dating and steps to success

Silver Package

Going for a staggering $65,000 a year, a millionaire Sugar Daddy will receive all the Bronze Package features in addition to:

  • 1 date coaching with a date coach
  • 1 hour image consulting session
  • 1 hour hypnotherapy session

Gold Package

It will take $85,000 per year, but Patti Stanger will become personally involved with a rich older man’s love life. For this mini fortune, he is entitled to the silver package features, as well as:

  • a 1-hour long relationship counseling session with Patti.
  • Patti will “personally match and introduce you to the love of your life”

Platinum Package

And now, for the package designed for the most high-rolling of Sugar Daddies. Priced at a whopping $100k per year, it allows a rich Sugar Daddy to customize the whole process for his exacting needs, including:

  • Gold Package Features
  • Fully customized including international searches
  • Options for Basic Mixer and other add-ons (for additional fees)

Package Add-Ons

To receive Patti Stanger as a personal matchmaker (along with an assistant matchmaker) there’s an added fee of $35,000 extra on top the matchmaker membership packages. Patti confines her own matchmaking to 10 members based on listings, availability, and space per year.

Verification Process and other Features

The Millionaire’s Club makes sure that this dating site has the best quality Sugar Daddies by having a thorough verification system. Its members are needed to verify their details including photos, age, occupation, and education by submitting their IDs and other supporting documents, so for a rich Sugar Daddy to be certified as a millionaire, he needs to submit financial information using the tax return form from last year, which needs to show more than $150, 000 in earnings and a bank statement or other documents that prove his assets or total net worth is more than $1 million.  You can identify the certified millionaire members through a diamond logo on their profiles. A verified icon, also, appears next to a member’s photo when their age, photo, occupation, and education are verified by the site. Guest members, however, can reply to any emails they receive without being verified.


Lack of a Searchable Database

I understand that Millionaire’s Club is going for a different feel, but signing-up and then just sitting and waiting for them to find you a match without being able to be actively involved in the search is a little off-putting.  They don’t give you a time frame either, just that they get back to you in a “timely” manner, which could mean anything.  And, of course, you can’t contact them (outside of technical difficulties) to see how it’s going without risking being automatically rejected.

Exhausting Application Procedure for Non-Millionaires

It takes less screening to get into the oval office than to get into this site. If you’re a young Sugar Baby looking to land their dream partner, be prepared to look through your family tree and deeply into your soul as you fill out the application form. And even after all that, you’re not guaranteed of being accepted and found a match.  And with the requirements of providing professional pictures, which aren’t cheap, it’s not exactly as free to join as it seems.

Fewer Members to Choose From

Due to the crazy vetting process, there are far fewer members for those affluent millionaire Sugar Daddies to pick from. Millionaire’s Club, also, says it only accepts 5 male members per month in each city per matchmaker. So the prospects of younger women dating older men will be much smaller, so perhaps that’s why they can’t provide a more specific time frame for finding you a match.  Depending on where you live, there just might not be that many options.  So, if none of the current members in your area are a match for your needs, it could take months to one to be accepted and matched with you.

Conclusion of Review

Millionaire’s Club caters to a very niche market. Even for the wealthy elite of Sugar Daddies, this seems like a lot of money to put down to get a date.  It makes me wonder why they need so much dating help with a fat bank account. There are tons of other sites from where they could land gorgeous, intelligent partners like me, without having to spend so much.   I’d rather see that money come my way, rather than be wasted on a dating site, just because the owner is famous.

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