Drama-Free Sugar Dating–How You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

If you thought that sugar dating was a drama-free way to have a relationship, you might be realizing now how sorely mistaken you were! As you now probably know yourself, sugar dating is just like any other type of relationship in that there is always an element of drama involved. And if you don’t know that yet by now, trust us: you will soon!

Drama in a relationship can come in many forms and can manifest itself in many different ways. It can simply be a case of the cold shoulder, which itself can vary in severity and frequency. It may also come in the form of constant arguing and bickering, which as you probably know could put a damper on any relationship.

But there are ways to enjoy a drama-free sugar dating relationship and to live out your time with your sugar baby in relative bliss. You don’t have to put up with a situation that you find intolerable, and there are ways to smoothen things out without having to shut things down for good.

We’ve consulted with a number of sugar daddies and sugar babies and picked their brains to find out how they manage to keep their relationships drama-free. Hopefully, their accounts will help you iron out any wrinkles in your own relationship and enjoy a more rewarding experience with your partner!

Laying down the law

The single most important thing you can do to avoid drama is laying down the ground rules for the relationship right at the start. This is what Mark and Jenny did, and the relationship became much stronger as a result. “I had a lot of ground rules when we started going out,” Jenny said. “As a first time sugar baby, there was a lot I wasn’t sure about, so I really made an effort to let Mark know where my boundaries lay.”

Mark didn’t mind at all. “I wanted to make sure that Jenny was totally comfortable with the arrangement,” he said. “It was great that we laid it all out at the start, and it really helped us avoid a lot of conflict.”

Managing expectations

Bruce didn’t have a lot of expectations when he hooked up with Maggie. Having already been in several sugar dating relationships, he knew that managing his expectations was essential. “I’m the type of guy who doesn’t like to sweat the details,” Bruce said. “Instead of making sure that every little aspect of the relationship was to my liking, I simply managed my expectations and let things develop naturally.”

Although he does admit to the importance of clearing the air before the relationship begins in earnest, Bruce felt that keeping expectations at a more realistic level helped him and Maggie weather the growing pains that all couples go through. “There’s a fine line between making sure that both partners get what they want out of the relationship and belaboring the details,” he said. “Thankfully, I was able to strike the perfect balance with Maggie.”

Keeping it real

Honesty is an essential component to any relationship, and it is the same with sugar dating relationships. Tom and Cindy know fully well how important honesty is, and they have made a commitment to be as honest as possible with each other at all times. Cindy said: “It took a bit of adjustment to be totally open and honest with Tom, as I had always been a bit reserved with my other sugar daddies. But he insisted that I let him know how I feel about everything, whether regarding our plans are for dinner or how he dealt with a specific scenario.”

Tom chimed in: “I’m a forthright and straightforward guy and I have zero interest in playing games. If a partner can’t be honest with me, I don’t see how our relationship could work.”

A little effort goes a long way

Steven and Tawny have been together for much longer than most sugar daddies and sugar babies. Coming up on their sixth year, their relationship has gone through its share of ups and downs. To what do they attribute their longevity then? Steven shares: “When I met Tawny, I knew she was someone special. We did have some trust issues at the beginning just like all couples, and we are different enough in terms of personality that we weren’t exactly a ‘perfect’ match. Nevertheless, I knew we had something good going on, so we made the commitment to stick it out and put an effort toward making sure the relationship works.”

Tawny agrees. “Steven is too nice a guy to say this, but a lot of the issues that he mentioned actually had to do with me. I was a bit of a “wild child” when we met and I wasn’t keen on being part of a formal sugar dating relationship. But I realized that what we had together was too good to give up, so I promised him that I would make a serious effort to make it work.”

Heart to heart

Franklin and Sandra know fully well of the value of communication. Like most other couples, they have had to work through some challenging periods, but they have thankfully weathered most of them by talking things out in a calm and rational manner. “I’m a lot more hot-headed than Franklin is,” Sandra admits. “Early on, it was always me that was flying off the handle and throwing tantrums. But Franklin is such a sweetheart and a gentleman (but definitely not a pushover!), that I gradually learned to tone down my delivery and talk things over like reasonable adults.”

Franklin has this to share: “Most any problem can be solved by talking things over. It was rough going at first, but I’m glad that Sandra and I are now on the same page with regard to ironing out our differences.”

There you have it–five different couples, each having found their way to live a drama-free life together. Hopefully, their experiences will help you eliminate the drama in your own relationships as well!