Step 1: Decide What You Really Want and Need

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies is in fact not new. There are literally hundreds of websites across the web that offer to help you find yourself a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama to enter a mutually beneficial arrangement with, some of which claim to have been in business for years now. These websites allow older, rather wealthy men who might feel lonely or simply enjoy being surrounded by beauties to meet stunning younger women who are willing to adapt to their lifestyles in exchange for financial support or gifts.

Negotiating deals like these isn’t easy though, especially for young and inexperienced women, as these wealthy and worldly men aren’t likely to give their money away freely. There are a few steps that any young woman should take before entering the world of sugar dating, as that is the only way to become successful in this world. First of all, you need to define priorities, which means you need to find out exactly what you will want and need if you join the sugar dating lifestyle. You can’t become a successful Sugar Baby if you don’t know how to do it, so that is another aspect to figure out before you start creating profiles online instead of learning as you go.

Being a Sugar Baby is something that people often frown upon. However, there is more to Sugar Babies than the stereotype. It is definitely a glamorous way to live, but it’s not something people really talk about, so while they may comment on it, no one outside the lifestyle knows what sugar dating is like.

What you need to understand is that there isn’t only one type of Sugar Baby, and neither is there a right way to become one. Finding out exactly what you want and need from your Sugar Daddy will help you design your strategy going into sugar dating, which is something smart to do if you want to find good matches.

Aspects you should consider during this step include

  • the kind of relationship you’re interested in
  • the requirements you need your Sugar Daddy to fulfil as compensation for your time and effort
  • what you are and aren’t willing to offer in exchange
  • how much free time you are willing to spend with your Sugar Daddy
  • how long as well as how serious do you want this relationship to be.

As for the Sugar Daddy, you need to consider the age and income range you are interested in, and ponder whether that is a realistic goal or not. You should also decide whether you are looking for a seasoned businessman who can be more of a mentor or a younger millionaire who is probably closer to your age but has less knowledge to offer. Finally, you need to decide whether you want this relationship to be exclusive, and if your Sugar Daddy needs to be single to begin with.

By considering these and other aspects you will have a better idea of what kind of Sugar Daddy you want and need beyond the stereotype of the “wealthy, lonely old man”. It will be useful to think about your hard-limits, and which aspects you aren’t willing to negotiate on, so that you don’t fall into relationships that don’t meet your needs.

As I’ve said before, there isn’t a typical Sugar Baby, but rather different types of Babies, who seek and meet different needs. Some of them are as follows:

  • Cash is King Sugar Baby: These girls have dollar signs in their eyes and engage in sugar dating purely for the money. They don’t want or need a real connection, and some of them don’t even need to enjoy themselves, so long as the Sugar Daddy keeps the money flowing and the bills get paid. This type of Sugar Baby can’t be bought with gifts or trips – she only builds relationships with Sugar Daddies who provide a monthly allowance.
  • Spoil Me Sugar Baby: These Babies just really want to have fun and live the first-class life. They don’t care about money, so long as their bills are paid and they are showered with gifts. These girls are very flexible and give full control to their Daddies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have an ideal type, which is known as the Gift Daddy.
  • Friend and Protege Sugar Baby: These Sugar Babies may like money and gifts as much as the next one, but they aim for more. They aren’t content with being financially supported for a while, because they are quite ambitious and driven. They dream of a successful career, and thus they are looking for a Sugar Daddy who is successful himself, so they can take advantage of any guidance and connections the Daddy might have and which will help them succeed on their own.
  • Marry Me Sugar Baby: This type of Sugar Baby’s name says it all: she wants a ring in her finger, and she won’t settle for anything less than that. They are looking for long-term, serious relationships, which often have the biggest payout, either over time or in a divorce settlement. This is a difficult prize to get, and there are few players interested in such a commitment, both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies. The ideal conditions to enter the world of sugar dating with this kind of objective in mind is to be single, available, and ready to commit fully to a man which is very likely to be much older.

So now that you have your questions to guide you and know what some of the competition will be like, it is time to figure out where you fit in all of this. Only after doing that can you move along to the next step and dip your toes in the sugar dating pool. If you feel ready, then now is the time to start looking for your sugar dating websites of choice and create your first profiles. That is, however, a subject for another article, so take your time with this first step, because it will likely dictate the success or failure of your whole sugar dating experience in the future.

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