Step 9: Making an Official Arrangement

If you’ve been following this guide, by now you should have settled on a potential Sugar Daddy and gone on at least a couple of dates with him. Given that those dates have been pleasant and enjoyable for both of you, and that you wish to continue seeing each other, now is the time to formalize your mutually beneficial agreement. Your formal agreement should outline the terms of your mutually beneficial relationship with your Sugar Daddy. It will serve as a framework which tells each of you what roles you’ll be playing in this relationship and what you are expected to provide the other. A mutually beneficial agreement should, as the name itself indicates, benefit both the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby involved, so it must be negotiated carefully in order for you both to get what you want and need.

The Role of the Sugar Daddy

The role of the Sugar Daddy is primarily to meet your financial needs, as that is by definition what sugar dating means, and usually the main goal of any Sugar Baby who enters the lifestyle. The agreement should then outline the extent of his financial obligations, and what he is supposed to provide for you while the two of you are dating. While there aren’t any specific laws for this kind of agreement, it should also give you some assurance and cushioning in case the relationship is broken, especially if the decision turns out not to be mutually agreed on. A Sugar Daddy may assume other roles besides being a breadwinner. He may agree to become your mentor, business partner or even fund a startup company for you. You will need to sign an actual legal agreement or contract in this case, and while sugar dating relationships are largely based on mutual trust, it is a good idea to discuss this contract with a lawyer, so that you can make sure to keep the rights to your company should the relationship end.

The Role of the Sugar Baby

Much like her Sugar Daddy, the Sugar Baby must also agree and formally commit to this hopefully mutually beneficial relationship. You should discuss, negotiate and even read the terms of the agreement – if there is a formal or informal written document – carefully to make sure you’re not agreeing to anything you’re unwilling or unable to follow through with. While there is money and financial support on the line, you should never let yourself be pressured into anything distasteful, dangerous or even illegal by any Sugar Daddies, no matter how good the compensation sounds. Sugar dating agreements may or may not include sexual activities. This needs to be discussed, because some men can’t engage in them anymore, and others prefer to look for this kind of service elsewhere. If your Sugar Daddy can’t have sex anymore or if he plans to have it with someone else, you need to discuss the issue, so that you reach a solution that is comfortable for both of you. It might also happen that your Sugar Daddy only needs your help with certain discreet tasks, and that he does not expect you to devote all of your time to him, much like he probably won’t see you exclusively. Others believe the compensation they provide affords them the monopoly of your free time and attention, and they might not reciprocate. You need to have this issue clarified and be prepared for it.

How to Formalize the Arrangement

Mutually beneficial sugar dating agreements are traditionally based on trust, so they usually stay verbal. However, verbal agreements can be quite dangerous, and some couples have realized that building a relationship based on trust alone can lead to misunderstandings and misconduct. Modern sugar dating arrangements are thus formalized in a binding written document which outlines the terms of the arrangement clearly and in no uncertain terms. This provides security for both the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Baby, and it helps you avoid any misunderstandings. Having a written document like this drafted and signed will help remind both of you of what you signed up for, and it will also provide you with physical evidence if you need to say no to one of this requests, or if he fails to comply with any of his requirements. This is, however, also true if the situation is reversed.

If you feel like you need your relationship to be legally binding and you are not getting married to your Sugar Daddy, the law has gray areas which allow for such contracts to exist. You should probably consult with a lawyer or legal counsel before signing any legally binding documents, though, so that you don’t agree to anything that might cause you trouble with the law.

Some things to be discussed when making a mutually beneficial sugar dating agreement include whether you’ll require a monthly allowance or let your Sugar Daddy take care of your bills, how often he expects you to meet him and if you need to be available on demand, where your meetings will take place and how you plan to stay in contact, whether he is expected to give you any gifts and whether you are interested in accompanying him in his travels. You should also insist that he gives you some notice before an event and, more importantly, any trips, as well as, discuss an allowance for special events when you might need a special outfit and other beauty treatments.

The competition between Sugar Babies is getting increasingly fierce, so you need to be smart when discussing your agreement, otherwise the Sugar Daddy might pull out and go back to the large pool of less high-maintenance Sugar Babies looking for the opportunity to date a wealthy man. Be reasonable when making demands and make sure to offer as good of a compensation as you are able to, so you can clench you sugar dating agreement and become a wealthy older gentleman’s Sugar Baby. You should have a good idea of who is and what he wants by now, so try to keep that in mind when discussing an agreement, and ensure that you won’t burden him with your demands and needs. Remember, however, that sugar dating relationships do not last forever, and you need to be prepared for it all to end, whether it is a mutual decision or not. That is what we’ll be discussing in the last chapter of your Sugar Baby Guide.

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