Step 8: Preparing for the First Date

Now you’re done with the hard stuff – connecting with potential Sugar Daddies online and choosing one or two to actually date – it is time to meet your match in person.

Before scheduling your first date – particularly if it is your very first one – you need to review all of the steps you’ve taken so far and determine whether this man is really what you are looking for in a Sugar Daddy, or at least has the potential to be.

Given that everything has gone well so far and you are quite sure of the decision you’ve made, then now is when you mention or give him an opening to ask you out on a date of some sort. If you can, insist on having your first date in a public place you both know and meet him there using your own transportation for security reasons.

Aside from these basic tips, there are several other things you should consider doing before going on your first date with a Sugar Daddy, according to my experience.


You don’t need to choose the meeting place, but don’t allow him to surprise you either. Make sure he tells you what the plans are so you can dress accordingly, as well as, research the place if you don’t know it yet. This will allow you to figure out if the place is suitable for a first meeting, as well as, how to get there and back easily, should you need to. It will also allow you to say no if the place isn’t suitable or doesn’t look appealing to you, which is better than showing up there and looking bored or uncomfortable the whole duration of the date.

It is a good idea to think of some suggestions, as well, in case he lets you arrange the date or you need to propose an alternative to his original plan. If this happens, remember who you are meeting with, what circles he moves in, what he likes to do and even try to gauge his mood so you can suggest a date that will please both of you.


Another important factor to consider is transportation. Your potential Sugar Daddy may offer to pick you up, but while the idea of riding a luxury car or limo to your date is certainly tempting, you should decline it on your first date. There are two reasons for this: first of all, you don’t want to give your address away to a stranger on your first date, and second, you could be left stranded if the date doesn’t end well.

If you can’t or don’t want to drive, you should have a friend take you there and back, call a cab or an Uber. You will have plenty of opportunities to ride that limo, if it all goes well.

Your Appearance

After settling on a date and how you’ll get there, you should then start thinking about your appearance. Your outfit, hair and makeup should be appropriate and possibly practical for the kind of date you’ve chosen, but your image should also mirror the way you presented yourself online.

You need to strike a balance between looking good and looking fake, so try not to overdo it, especially on your hair and makeup. You should also consider that, while this Sugar Daddy has seen pictures of you, you will be making a first impression, and this is what he will expect from you going forward, so you should only put as much effort into your appearance for this date as you’re willing to on a more regular basis.

Let’s look at some first date suggestions you should definitely follow, if you didn’t know to already:

  1. Smell fresh, look confident. No amount of perfume and makeup will save you if your hygiene is lacking, so make sure to do your full hygiene routine, which should include showering, shaving , using deodorant and brushing your teeth, at the very least, before your first date. Make a list of steps if you need to, but be sure nothing fails in this area if you want a good first date.
  1. Choose who you want to look like. Your outfit is just a package, so there’s no use obsessing over it. Simpler is usually classier and appropriate for most occasions. However, you need to keep up the persona you built online, so you should dress as she would for the occasion.
  1. Prepare the conversation plot. If you’re not naturally the most sociable person in the world or are afraid to get stuck during the date, then you should consider conversation topics as you get ready. The ideal would be to let the conversation flow freely, but you should take notes of his hobbies, the news or even facts about the place where the date is taking place, which will make you seem well-informed and keep the date from falling flat.
  1. Talk yourself into a good mood. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pep talk before the date if you need one. Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and tell your image why you’re doing this. Remind yourself that you are beautiful and capable, and that you have chosen this man. You should get out of the door feeling optimistic, so that your date turns out as you hope it will.

On the flipside, there are definitely a couple of first date faux paux to avoid. One of them is getting drunk, as you may embarrass yourself and put yourself in a dangerous position too. Make sure he’s not drunk either, though, because he may be rich, but you don’t want to settle for a rich old drunk.

The other would be to take your phone out, especially if it’s not in silent or airplane mode. You need to show your Sugar Daddy he has your full attention, and that you won’t let your date be disturbed. On the other hand, he might need to keep his phone out for business, so you should understand and respect his needs.

Did you take note of all of these precious tricks? Then you are officially ready for your first date and well on your way to becoming a Sugar Baby. I’ll be right here to guide you through your last two steps,so be back here after your first date to find out where you will go from there.

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