Step 5: Second Contact: The Phone Call

If you’ve been in the sugar dating lifestyle for a while, you’ve likely found a potential Sugar Daddy by now, who you’ve been chatting, emailing and perhaps even texting with.

If you feel a real connection with this wealthy older gentleman, then it is time for you to truly meet each other, but not in person. A smart Sugar Baby will arrange a phone or Facetime call with her potential Sugar Daddy before they meet in the flesh.

Making a phone or vídeo call will allow you to verify his identity, and it will also test your chemistry in a situation that is closer to real-life interaction. Live conversations also have the benefit of being mostly unfiltered, so you can get to know more of his personality and even whether he’s been truthful online so far or not.

The phone call stage is often decisive for a sugar dating relationship, as an interaction as simple as this can easily help you figure out whether this man truly has potential as a Sugar Daddy or if you should try dating someone else instead.

Before you even get to the phone call stage though, an interested Sugar Daddy might give you his phone number or perhaps ask for yours, so that you can move your relationship off the dating website and onto text. This shows just how much of a connection the man feels and what his intentions are. It also eventually gives you the opening to arrange the call.

You may want to consider taking some security measures when contacting Sugar Daddies via text or calls. It is a good idea to have a separate phone, or even several disposable ones which can’t be tracked directly to you, so you can keep the rest of your life separate from sugar dating and avoid being stalked should a relationship turn sour.

Other options that can help protect your privacy are using a VOIP service like Skype or an app that displays a fake number when you call Sugar Daddies.

Some Sugar Daddies will insist on confirming your identity by asking you to take and send a selfie. That is perfectly acceptable and reasonable, so long as you keep the picture simple and classy. You can and should ask him to return the favor.

Text messages are expected to be more real and intimate, so there is no reason for you not to show some personality in your texts. It is okay to use jokes and emojis, as well as, express some excitement. This will show your Sugar Daddy that you enjoy chatting with him and aren’t afraid to reveal a little more of who you are.

With so many channels of communication available to us these days, talking on the phone might feel like an old-fashioned ritual. Phone calls are, however, a crucial step to take when going from an online relationship into real world interaction. This is particularly true in the world of sugar dating, where not everyone is always what they seem.

Phone calls are essential because you need to hear and perhaps see your Sugar Daddy in real-time before you agree to meet.This is particularly important when you’re new to the lifestyle, as it will help you decide whether you’re ready for a date or if you don’t feel the connection with this particular Daddy. If the connection isn’t there or something feels off, then you should definitely not move on to the next step.

I don’t want to increase your nerves, but you should know that a Sugar Daddy will be evaluating your personality and chemistry during this phone conversation, and unlike with written conversation, it is impossible to take anything you’ve already said back.

Here are some of my tips for passing the phone conversation test with flying colors and securing that first date with your potential Sugar Daddy:

  1. Make sure you have a full battery going into this conversation, because while it can be quick, you actually want this contact to last longer, as this proves you have a true connection with your Sugar Daddy, and you certainly don’t want it to end suddenly because of a dead battery.
  1. Be cheerful. You must keep your tone light and sound at least interested in the conversation at all times, because unless you opt for a vídeo call, your voice and tone are the only indications the Sugar Daddy will have of your mood. Avoid sounding bored, distant or annoyed at all costs if you want to move forward with this Sugar Daddy.
  1. Keep the conversation flowing comfortably. Try to be as relaxed as possible and pass that energy to the other end of the line. Compliment your Sugar Daddy and let him know how pleasant it is to be finally talking to him. Make an effort to fill awkward silences without going on endless monologues. If the conversation isn’t flowing, then it’s best to just end it and reevaluate the situation.
  1. Be detailed, not shy. Some men may like quiet women, but that doesn’t go over well when having a phone call. Make sure to answer his questions in some detail and add some subtle flattery when applicable. This will let him know you’re interested in him and want to share more of your life.
  1. Turn his questions around. Every question calls for an answer, and every answer gives you the opening to ask a new question. Take this opportunity to make him open up and share more details about himself and his daily life, so you can truly get to know each other better. Remember to always answer him first – no one likes it when you answer a question with another one.
  1. Be polite when ending this conversation. It might seem like a no-brainer, but ending the conversation on a high-note will make all the difference. If your chat starts to wind down or the hour is getting late, take this opportunity to steer the conversation to a close. If you want to keep dating this gentleman, then you should say your goodbyes in a polite and affectionate way, letting him know you’d love to chat again or perhaps meet. This will give him an opening to call you again or ask you on a date.

If the conversation goes well, and you do feel a connection with your potential Sugar Daddy, then it is time to either keep chatting or move to the next step if you’re ready. Stay tuned for my in depth discussion of Step 6 in your Sugar Baby Guide.

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