Step 3: Be Organized

Organization is the key to success in the sugar dating world, especially as you are starting out or entertaining several gentlemen at once.  No one expects you to engage with only one Sugar Daddy before entering a mutually beneficial relationship, but while they are certainly aware of it and behaving the same way, no one enjoys being called by the wrong name or learning about your other contacts by accident.

The best way to keep from making a wrong reference or using an inside joke on the wrong Sugar Daddy is to keep a spreadsheet on a computer program like Excel, a smartphone app like Evernote or even an old-fashioned journal with information about each Sugar Daddy.

To build your spreadsheet, you will want to start by listing every Sugar Daddy you are in contact with by their real name and website username. Then you will add the details that are relevant to you such as age, physical appearance, profession, income and which website you’ve been keeping contact on.

After the basic information, you can also keep a section with notes about their personality, jokes you share or any details that you particularly like about each Sugar Daddy.  On the flipside, you can also make a list of Sugar Daddies who you didn’t get along well with and why, so you know and remember to avoid them if they ever make any advances again.

As a Sugar Baby looking for your first or new Sugar Daddy, you will likely have to meet and date more than one Sugar Daddy at a time. This makes it important for you to keep a diary or planner, so you can always be aware of your schedule and avoid double-booking incidents or showing up to the wrong date, at the wrong time and place.

You can also use your journal or spreadsheet to take notes on dates, which will help you evaluate which Sugar Daddies are worth pursuing a mutually beneficial relationship with and which definitely aren’t.

If you’re addicted to your phone, like to carry a smaller bag or paper simply doesn’t work for you, a calendar app is an excellent option. You should log in your appointments into the app as soon as you schedule them, so that you don’t forget any details. As a bonus, your phone will remind you of these appointments either by email or notification, something which paper diaries can’t do.

If you do decide to meet up with more than one Sugar Daddy in one day or night, that will be when your organizational skills come into play. You need to have a system in place which lets you know which man you’ve scheduled a date with, the status of this date and the stage of your relationship. This will allow you to understand what your week looks like even by glancing at your calendar quickly, letting you know which appointments could be moved, rescheduled or even cancelled, for instance. This will also help you prioritize and allow you to safely choose better prospects over men you’re less interested in, if it comes to that.

If a Sugar Daddy hasn’t confirmed the details of a date the day before, then it is a good idea to send him a message telling him that you look forward to meeting him. This will remind him that you have agreed on a date, but also give him a chance to confirm or cancel the meet up, saving you the humiliation of being stood up and opening a spot for another Daddy to take you out that night.

If your conversations with a Sugar Daddy have moved from the sugar dating website into text, phone calls or email, then you should save his contacts in your spreadsheet and phone as soon as possible. This gives you the option to contact him when you need to, but also saves you the embarrassment of having to ask “who is this?” when he calls or texts.

It is important to note that these are just my recommendations to help you stay organized as a new Sugar Baby. However, you may try different methods and find that something else works better for you, and that’s what’s most important. Your organization system should help you keep track of the Sugar Daddies you’re in contact with so you don’t mix them up or neglect a really good candidate.

One tip that hasn’t been mentioned yet, but that you might feel inclined to take up naturally is to keep more information on Sugar Daddies that you feel have more potential than others. You should highlight them clearly in your spreadsheets and include quotes or topics for future reference, as they might be useful during dates or chats.

Another good tip is to keep your spreadsheets or journal updated. You want to add more information as you uncover it, and you definitely should take notes about dates, the Sugar Daddies’ real-life appearance and behavior, as well as any details that stood out to you, whether they are positive or negative.

The final tip is to never erase the notes you have taken on any Sugar Daddies. Just because it didn’t work the first time, that doesn’t mean that your paths won’t cross again when either of you become available again, so it’s good to keep an eye on the Sugar Daddies you like, even if you or him find a match.

It is also important, as I’ve already mentioned, to keep your notes about who you want to avoid and why, so that you don’t make the same sad mistake twice, which would only be a waste of time.

Aside from keeping you well organized, your system should  be used in preparation for a date. You should go over all of the information you’ve collected so far, particularly conversation clues and interests. This will show him you have paid close attention to him and your previous interactions, as well as let him know that you are serious about him. And of course, it will help the date flow naturally, as you’ll know to steer the conversation in the right directions.

Once you’ve found your system, it shouldn’t take you very long to find at least one good potential match. Bur that will only come with time and experience. For now, it is time to start building your organization system and then move on to the Step 5, which we will discuss next time.

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