Step 2: Selecting Sugar Dating Sites and Creating a Profile

Now that you’ve outlined your plan for successful sugar dating, it is time to put it into practice by signing up for sugar dating websites.

One thing you should know upfront is that not all sugar dating websites are the same. In fact, one big difference is that some will let Sugar Babies enjoy sugar dating for free while others will charge a membership fee whether you are a Sugar Baby or Daddy. It is a good idea to sample all of the options available out there, so you can decide for yourself whether a free website will work or if a paid membership might be worth your while.

Competition between Sugar Babies is fierce, because Sugar Daddies tend to use only one website, which means most sugar dating websites have more Babies than Daddies among their members. Signing up for multiple sites, at least at first, will allow you to really understand the game and increase your chances of finding a match.

Two things to keep in mind at this point are that you should replicate your profile as closely as possible in each website you sign up for, as that will help keep your image consistent, and also that you should look out for your own safety by researching the sites and their privacy settings. Most sugar dating websites are very good at protecting their members and their identities, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your own precautions.

Before you create your first profile, you will want to decide how you want to be perceived by Sugar Daddies and even other Babies. It’s always a good idea to keep your profile, and the pictures in particular, very classy, but, also, to add little details and nuggets of information that make you stand out from the crowd.

Remember to only share relevant information, so that your texts can be quite short but also interesting and engaging, in order to catch the attention of Sugar Daddies. Look out for other Babies’ profiles and see what they are doing right and wrong, so you become aware of your competition and know how to avoid their mistakes.

Sugar dating is a game of patience and persistence. One way to speed the process though is to sign up for a popular, preferably free website upfront. These websites usually have more members, have been in business for a long time and tend to be quite Professional, particularly in terms of their user interface and security.

Something to look out for are websites that advertise nudity or sex. These websites are meant to promote sexual encounters and not sugar dating, so you should avoid them if sugar dating is what you actually want.

Sugar Daddy websites are usually a good place for Sugar Babies to meet their ideal Daddies. These websites are often completely free for Babies to join and enjoy, but wealthy male users are asked to make a monthly contribution to the site.

The signup process itself is very similar on both ends. Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies are both asked for their basic information at sign up, and then they are asked to fill out a profile including a bio, photo, interests and other information that might be useful for finding the perfect match. Sugar Daddies are likely to be asked for information about their income, while Sugar Babies may have to divulge their monthly allowance expectations.

A lot of information about your physical appearance and lifestyle will be asked upfront, and it isn’t a good idea to lie at this stage, as the truth always comes up, if not during the dating, then when the mutually beneficial agreement actually starts. The main rules to building a successful profile are to be honest and keep it short, as you are dealing with businessmen who are used to scanning most documents they come across. You should clearly set your expectations upfront too, in order to ward off any Sugar Daddies who can’t meet them.

A good sugar dating website will offer a large assortment of features that will help you find matches and be found yourself. These include quick and advanced searches, favorite and VIP lists, photo galleries with the option to hide some of the images and instant messaging.

A lot can happen in a Sugar Baby website: you can find a fine gentleman to pay your rent or college tuition, a mentor to help you grow professionally or even someone to fall in love and spend the rest of your life with. It is important to have a plan and set up your profile accordingly, but you should be ready to be swept off your feet unexpectedly.

Profile photos are, as I’ve already mentioned, quite important. You should present yourself in a proper, well-educated and mild-mannered way even in photos. There’s nothing wrong with adding sexy photos as well, but unless you are looking for someone to have sex with, these should be kept private and only shown to a chosen few.

Sugar Daddies are provided with plenty of search filters, which include location, physical appearance and even the kind of financial assistance you are looking for. You should cater your profile to the type of Sugar Daddy you’re looking for, while also stating clearly what you are not interested in, so you can avoid being approached by the wrong kind of Daddy, saving you both the time and embarrassment.

The most important thing to remember when creating a Sugar Baby profile is that this will be the image Sugar Daddies will have of you, and how they will expect you to look and act like in real life. It is a good idea to create a profile that either mirrors the real you, or at least portrays you in a way that you can actually carry out in real life.

It is okay to keep secrets – we all have them – but you need to remember and be able to keep them hidden when in the presence of your Sugar Daddy, in order to maintain your perfect Sugar Baby image.

Once you have a profile set up, it is imperative to engage in the website actively, because not only will they display your last login date, but also no one likes their advances to be left unanswered for days. The good news is this principle works both ways, so Sugar Daddies who really are interested in finding a match will be very active, as well.

Now that you’re all set up and ready for dating, it is time to move onto Step 3. Keep your eyes peeled to find out how to Be Organized.

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