Step 10: Keeping your Sugar Daddy

Now that you know how to find your perfect Sugar Daddy, and probably have already, if you followed all the steps as I taught you, it is essential to discuss the last step which is keeping your Sugar Daddy satisfied, so that the relationship lasts for as long as possible.

If you thought you were past the hardships of sugar dating, then I should warn you now that keeping your Sugar Daddy is at least twice as hard as finding him. The fact is one simple mistake can end your chances of successfully keeping your Sugar Daddy, and most inexperienced Sugar Babies learn this lesson the hard way.

You may think having established – perhaps even signed – a mutually beneficial agreement makes you safe and gives you some kind of guarantee, but that is not the case. Sugar Babies do get dumped more often than you imagine, so you need to be careful and avoid falling prey to the same mistakes they did.

There are many reasons why relationships end and deals fall apart, and Sugar Daddies surely have their own. Each person, relationship and agreement is different, so there’s no point in worrying about every single improbable thing that might happen or that you might get wrong.

You should focus on the positive instead, and think of the ways in which you can make your relationship with your Sugar Daddy even better, so that he feels encouraged to keep you around. More than that, you need to remember that there are things that are beyond your control, so you might do your best to keep your relationship and still fail.

Wealthy and influential men meet a lot of people everyday, a good number of which are women who, while not looking specifically for a Sugar Daddy, would very much like to be associated with and spoiled by a rich, older man. Your Job is to make sure he doesn’t end up falling for one of these women and leaving you for someone else.

You do that by keeping your end of the agreement to the best of your abilities as well as working hard every day to build a stronger bond with your Sugar Daddy, whether your relatuonship is truly platonic, physical or romantic in nature.

A good way to keep a man interested is to try and please him. You can do this by taking notes of what he likes and using that knowledge to your advantage, so that he is more impressed with you in your meetings and other interactions. On the flipside, you should also pay attention to what he doesn’t approve of, such as bad habits, for instance, and weed them out as much as possible, particularly when in his presence.

One thing you need to know, if you haven’t figured it out already, is that older men, rich ones in particular, tend to have less patience and hate having their time wasted. Keeping this in mind, you should always try to make his time and investments worthwhile and advantageous for him, if your goal is to maintain the relationship.

Little details like being punctual, dressing nicely or listening to him politely and carefully can make all the difference. Over time, you should be able to tell which actions impress him and which don’t, as well as what kind of mood he’s in. You should think ahead and be prepared to give him what he needs depending on what mood he’s in, so that your dates become something that he looks forward to rather than something else on his “to do” list.

Be an Understanding and Supportive Sugar Baby

While this may not sound fair,you’re likely expected to be available and show up on time when he requests to meet you, but there are circumstances in which he may not be able to do the same. Rich and powerful men are often busy, and it’s not unusual for them to have to cancel on you and travel halfway across the world on short notice. You should take these occasions in stride and be as understanding and supportive as you can be.

There’s no point in making a fuss about cancelled dates if he keeps taking care of you in other ways. In fact, you’ll be left with both more money and time, so that should be a win-win situation for you.

The Juggling Act

Not every sugar dating relationship is by definition exclusive. In fact, some Sugar Daddies may not even need you to be faithful, if they only see you occasionally or have other relationships themselves. They do, however, demand and deserve some respect, so they will not be happy if you call them by the wrong name or send them a message that is meant for someone else. This is why you should keep a good organization system even after you’ve made your agreements.

Each Sugar Daddy wants to feel like the only one, even when they are aware that this is not the case. You should give him your undivided attention when you meet or interact with him, and block any other Sugar Daddies from your thoughts during that time.

Unfortunately, keeping several Sugar Daddies is even harder than pleasing just one, but you should put the same effort into each and every relationship, unless you are willing to relinquish it. Following the tips from the various steps discussed in this guide should be quite helpful in these circumstances.

We’ve now reached the end of the guide, which means you should definitely be ready to tackle the world of sugar dating, if you haven’t been doing it step by step. This is, of course, just one guide based on my experiences and what I’ve learned from others. You will also learn your own tips and tricks as you go along and figure out what works for you in this ever-evolving world, which is constantly being reshaped by society and technology.

This doesn’t have to be goodbye though. I’ll be back with more stories, tips and tricks in the future, so I hope you come back to see what else I have up my sleeve or under my seasoned Sugar Baby belt – whichever you prefer.

For now, I wish you good luck on your sugar dating journey!

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