Communicating What You Need

One of the most often asked Sugar Baby questions is: How do you understand exactly what to ask for? While the majority of Sugar Babies receive an allowance, one of the more typical concerns I hear from new and potential Sugar Babies has to do with how to decide on how much to ask for. Plus, your needs and desires are more than simply monetary – as with any relationship out there, you have emotional needs and desires.

Sincerity is the very best Policy

No one likes to be around someone that is grasping or greedy, especially a young Sugar Baby. Your Sugar Daddy is most likely to hear exactly what you are trying to discussas long as you are respectful and sincere with him.  He expects to compensate you for your time, so being evasive or vague about what you want is just a waste of time and likely to annoy him.

If you have currently already agreed on an allowance figure with your Sugar Daddy, remember that you can always re-negotiate, specifically if you find that you are spending more time with him or you become exclusive with him. While you ought to have put what you wanted part or all of your allowance to go to on your profile, you can let your Sugar Daddy know what needs you have or if they change. While some Sugar Daddies may never ever know what it is like to worry about money, you never know exactly what type of conversation may end up taking place.

Things vs. Cash

Now, exactly what do you do if you clearly specify that you prefer a cash allowance and a potential Sugar Daddy approaches you with offers ofvacations, going on shopping sprees, or bringing you expensive gifts, etc? You can pleasantly but firmly let your new Sugar Daddy know why you choose money, if you haven t currently, of course, and let him know that it’s not that you don’t find any pleasure in his presents or his taste in precious jewelry, just that those things don t pay the bills or take care of your other requirements.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in going on exotic vacations and shopping sprees because you wish to feel taken care of and spoiled directly, you should share that, too. Many wealthy older men are covertly intending to play the white knight and are more than willing to play the function of indulgent Sugar Daddy to a quite young woman. For some, an appealing travel companion is precisely what they are looking to find in a Sugar Baby.

If he still doesn’t appear to desire to compromise on what he’s offering as compensation, there is no reason to completely shut him out. You can kindly let him know that you are fascinated by him and let him know that if your scenario changes, you would enjoy getting in contact with him.

Describing Your Story

Now, most women have experienced hardship at some point in our lives, and perhaps such a situation is why you’re pursing becoming a Sugar Baby. Perhaps you’ve fallen on difficult times for any variety of different reasons, but no one likes a whiner. This is not to say that you ought to hide that side of you After all: no Sugar Daddy out there wants someone who is too perfect – that would be a robot – they desire a human being, someone they can look after and makes them feel needed. Nevertheless, try to avoid being the tearjerker. While it is true that sob stories will in some cases gain you sympathy points and perhaps, more compensation than a POT SD originally intended to provide, a sugar relationship is about more than just cash. Even more, while a sob story might work for some individuals, and there are those who are suckers for it, remember it won’t work for all, and what works for some individuals, may end up pushing another wealthy older male away. You can discuss your circumstances with sincerity and grace, but, likewise, be sure to highlight your strengths. You are a stunning, strong female that any guy out there would be lucky to call his Sugar Baby.

With that stated, your strengths are vital as a young Sugar Baby. If you are explaining a hard life experience (whether existing or in the past), it frequently helps to let a few of your strengths shine. Your strengths are what make you special. The special elements of your character are unforgettable to a Sugar Daddy and help form your relationship together. Your resilience will assist you in looking more like a safe financial investment, too, instead of simply a mess or damaged product.

Do the Math

Know what you need and intend to ask for before you even start looking for a Sugar Daddy.  Consider your existing bills, but, also, figure out new expenses you’re likely to incur by being a Sugar Baby.  You’ll need to keep your wardrobe updated, which will require frequent shopping trips for not just clothes, but accessories like jewelry, shoes, lingerie, purses, and seasonal items like swimsuits, jackets, and coats.  You may feel that professional services like massages, facials, mani/pedis, and hair stylists are necessary, too, so that you can maintain your best looks for your new Sugar Daddy.  Perhaps you need enough to not work, so you can focus on your studies or just because you don’t want to work.  In addition to that, you may have other needs that you would like to have met that you just haven’t been able to afford, like a gym membership, extra cable channels, music subscriptions, pets, hobbies, etc. etc.  The list could go on and on really.  Don’t be afraid to ask for more than just enough to cover your minimum expenses.  Being a Sugar Baby should elevate your life experiences, not just maintain your existing lifestyle.  If your Sugar Daddy isn’t willing to help you improve your life, he’s not a good match for you for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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