How You Can Tell if a Sugar Daddy is the Real Deal

As a young Sugar Baby, whether you’re simply starting out or have actually been around the sugar bowl for a while, you’veprobably heard about or read about fake Sugar Daddies, often called Salt Daddies (these are outright phony profiles or fraudsters) or Splenda Daddies (men that want the sugaring way of life but lack the actual capital to pull it off). We’ve discussed how you can figure out if a Sugar Daddy is a scammer or a fake, but exactly what about the indications that he’s actually a real, true blue Sugar Daddy?

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Many males like to claim, “my word is my bond,” and to be effective, a Sugar Daddy has to be able to follow through on his guarantees and prove his statements.  Trust is a big deal in the business world.  You don’t make it if you don’t consistently follow through on your agreements.  One way that men like to show off their wealth is to claim they go to exotic locations frequently for business.  For example, if he claims to currently be in Italy, he should, at the least, be able to speak about just what he does there, reveal photos of himself there, and provide details regarding what it’s like to be there. If he’s not providing evidence of his Italian experiences or asking you to go with him, it’s likely the closest he’s been to Italy is a costly local Italian diner.

Realty is Key

He has a new Maserati. You’ve seen it during your very first date, and it doesn’t have dealership plates or temporary tags, so he’s not simply using a weekend test drive before purchase nor could he have just purchased it today, likely to return it prior to having to actually pay for it. Does this mean he’s wealthy? Probably. Or maybe he lives in his mom’s and dad’s basement, and he’s leasing his elegant car and it’s his only grand expense and claim to greater lifestyle. He can pay $1000 a month on a lease, yet, just what does he have after that’s paid? What you’re actually looking for is a home, enhancements on the home, as well as,the area where it’s located. A penthouse downtown along with that rapid car is a much better sign of a rich Sugar Daddy. If he makes a claim to possessing a certain property, you can easily validate if he or a business that he has a managing control in is in fact the owner by getting in touch with the applicable County Tax Assessor’s Office. Having unaltered land in the middle of nowhere is not an indication of riches, either. Any type of land owned should be currently improved upon, in the process of being improved upon, or he ought to have the ability to show you his plans for making enhancements to the land in the near future, in which instance he ought to have building drawings or strategies, structure permits, and agreements with construction firms.

Spending Attitude

One means of deciding whether you’re with a real-life Sugar Daddy or a wanna-be Splenda Daddy is his attitude on investing money when you’re with him. If you’re on a date with a Sugar Daddy who’s getting water, no appetizer, chicken or a plain pasta dish, inquiringof the waitstaff concerning discount rates, specials, sales, or exact prices, well, he could be on a limited or special diet regimen and, also, a health nut or OCD. Or he could have a need to be worried with simply how much everything costs.

If he offers to take you shopping, it won’t be to Walmart, Kohl’s, or Macy’s or any places with a reputation for knock-offs and imitation designers. With a real Sugar Daddy, you won’t have to fret regarding whether you’ve obtained actual Gucci or Prada products.

Is He Willing to Wait?

A real Sugar Daddy is a gentleman, as well as, looking for more than simply a warm body in his bed. You should never let any kind of man, Sugar Daddy or not, treat you like much less compared to who you are or such as a tawdry hooker. If a POT SD is pressuring you for sex, give him the number of a local companion or escort service that is much more likely to offer just what he’s looking for and go on searching for your actual Sugar Daddy, that will certainly treat you right.

Don’t hesitate to ask for proof to back up anything that a POT Sugar Daddy declares. Don’t be put off by a charming smile and expressions like, Why would I lie? or Don’t you trust me? or Trust me. A successful Sugar Daddy may be moderate about his riches and success, but he shouldn’t straight-out refuse to speak about it. He must know that he’s likely to be expected to verify his worth, and there’s nothing wrong with a quite young Sugar Baby demanding it.  I’ve given you a lot to think about because it’s best to be careful, but hopefully, you’ll not actually have to deal with any of these unpleasant types of people.  As long as you’re prudent, you should have no trouble with your Sugar Baby experiences.

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