The Best Ways to Effectively Say No

Knowing ways to confidently be assertive is an ability that not every Sugar Baby has, at first, but it is something that any excellent Sugar Baby can discover how to develop. You can even find it to be beneficial in other elements of your life besides sugar dating, too. Having the ability to state no and defend yourself is something that I motivate all of my good friends to do, and it is certainly an ability that I needed to learn the difficult way. I find that lots of Sugar Babies, when they start out, want to be a pleaser and be a reasonable kind of lady. There is absolutely nothing incorrect about wishing to be considerate and please your Sugar Daddy or possible Sugar Daddy, however, it is important to not to allow yourself to be so docile that you have no will of your own.  You must be able to stand up for yourself. Likewise, I cannot say strongly enough that when you say no, itmustalways, always mean no. Playing coy games of hard to get aren’t appropriate for a Sugar Baby.  Sugar dating is supposed to eliminate many of the confusing dating games many people play.  In addition to just being annoying, after a while, a man won’t be able to tell the difference between a playful no and a real no, which could end up hurting you down the line.

Saying No to a Sugar Daddy.

Learning to firmly say and mean no and to be assertive about your feelings can be a difficult practice to adopt, nevertheless, it is something that can be a helpful skill to cultivate. It is possible to say no without being impolite, and I promise that it gets easier with practice (if you are the type of person who frets it will be tricky to do properly). Keep in mind stating your no can be a sentence in and of itself and doesn’t constantly need a detailed description. If you are concerned that speaking your no will upset or annoy a sensible and understanding Sugar Daddy, it is okay to state why you are refusing his request.  If you are stating no because a request of a Sugar Daddy breaks one of your personal rules or ethics, just discuss that. If you set out those guidelines early on, then this no must not be a hard response for him to digest, even if it’s not what he wants to hear.

Always Mean It When You Say It

Keep in mind, it is typically much easier to provide a firm no then to say a yes that you pretend to mean. Saying yes, when you are undecided or really want to say no, will encourage him to pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do. When you change no to possibly or yes, on a regular basis, it is going to tell him that you’ll give in with adequate pressure, which doesn’t provide him a reason to appreciate it when you say no.

Saying No Doesn’t Have to Be Negative

No one likes somebody who turns them down in an extremely unfavorable way. You can keep your behavior upbeat or enjoyable, yet, still be firm in your delivery. Don’t answer maybe, if you know it is never going to be near a yes. I am a firm believer in passionate consent, and I think about this as another extension of that.

When I say passionate consent, I mean that it isn’t a mumbled yes, or a half hearted maybe. After all, who desires a Sugar Baby who is constantly looking down or not delighted to be with their Sugar Daddy? This is not to say that you can’t have days where you aren’t as delighted. Even more, if you are not the bouncy, bubbly type of personality, there is no need to alter who you are (I for one am less constantly smiling, however when I’m happy, then you definitely know it!). Nevertheless, think of someone you know who is never truly that pleased – maybe they aren’t always a downer, however they seem difficult to please or just suck the energy out of a room when they walk into it. Consider how you feel around them. Is that somebody that you think a Sugar Daddy would want to opt to spoil? Probably not.

You simplyhave to say it simply as no, however “no, thank you” works or even “I’m not interested, but good luck in your search!” It doesn’t take much effort to add a smile and send out some positive energy out there into the world.

Try Offering Alternatives

Being willing to compromise or offer alternative ideas of activities is the best way to ensure that saying no leaves the door open for further communication.  For example, maybe you don’t wish to go to a museum. You could say, “I’m not feeling like walking around much today, how about we go see a theater production instead?

When He Won’t Take No for an Answer.

Periodically you will face a rich Sugar Daddy who just can’t or won’t take a hint or a direct negative response. If you have tried being mild, it’s alright to be firm with this kind of person. Don’t keep speaking with him – just be stern, but courteous, and to the point. “Thank you for the offer, however I’m not interested. Have a great night,” is an acceptable answer for a POT SD, who is pursuing you and not taking the hint that you are dropping him or perhaps the courteous ways that you are turning him down. You may remind him that not appreciating no is not going to make him look better in your eyes or make you more likely to accept his deal.  If he continues to harass you, don’t be afraid to take more drastic steps like blocking him and reporting him to the sugar dating site owners.  They take harassment very seriously, since if it gets around that their site allows it, people won’t want to use it.

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