Not such a great match after all. at first looks okay. A Sugar Dating site that can help you as a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy meet and proceed to fulfill each other’s  fantasies and wants.  However, while scrutinizing the whole dating site, the first hiccup I came across was in its descriptions. When I started interacting with the site, I began to notice that the site is as not as great as advertised to its users and potential young Sugar Babies or rich Sugar Daddies. And for this and many more reasons, it deserved a 2-Star rating. I have compiled my awful experience with this site in the following review of the site. Read along to find out why this site is a total waste of time. First Impressions

To start with, the English used is really choppy which makes the site look as if it was written by a person based from another country and not the U.S. Any genuine sugar dating website makes sure that their site looks as professional and really impressive as possible. From its photos to even its writing, and this site clearly didn’t take the time to do that.

Membership and Packages

There is almost no use on the site for a free profile.  For a Sugar Baby to do a search, send a private message, or basically just use any features available in this dating site, they need to pay a fee for their profile. A payment screen will pop up whenever one tries to use/open any features you don’t have access to. Without this payment, you basically have no way of getting to see other members who are on this site. What’s the use of such a site if you can’t see this anyway?

The site has got 3 memberships options:  1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. One can pay with their credit card, PayPal, debit card, or directly accessing your bank account. The last option to me seemed incredibly intrusive. I think there’s absolutely no reason for anyone to provide access to their banking information. Also, another thing that was a minus for me was the way they inform members that these options are auto-renewed unless you cancel them. This is written in small letters.


Age Match wants you to link your Facebook profile.  This was quite a concern for me, and I think for most members who are serious about their private lives. As much as a person might be open to sugar dating or the kind of relationships they like, no one will want their dating profiles to be synced or linked to their personal Facebook account. This dating site gains access to one’s personal info and will possibly post stuff to your Facebook if one miss-clicks while browsing.

There are also a number of areas on the dating site which prompts you to sign in with Facebook. This makes it quite difficult to believe that your dating information on this site is private. The webpage for uploading your photos on this site is the most worrying. It tries to prompt you to pull photos directly from your Facebook account.

Membership Cancellation

If you’ve decided to try out the site for a month, you’re going to have a rough time when you decide it’s time you’re done with this dating site and want to do away with the account. There are 3 phone numbers on this dating site page to contact. Two are toll-free and are all routed to other call centers. It’s hard to get concrete information from all these call centers, and there is no any kind of verification which shows/proves to you that your account has been canceled.


The features on Age Match are all just standard and a bit outdated. Once you are on a paid membership you will be able to send winks, messages, and, also, favorite members. One of the trivial features on the site is the “greeting card” that is usually a small picture that you need to select from a list of 6 that has a message. It works exactly just like a message on the website except with these cards, one chooses the photo they send.

Search Results

If you’re a Sugar Baby and are looking for a sugar relationship with just an average, older man then this is the place to visit. Most of these “Sugar Daddies” are not in any position to support a real benefactor relationship – they just want pretty girls to have fun with. The male members here look like the caliber you will meet at the grocery store. Some are married, have children, and only a few are really, truly wealthy.

Most Sugar Babies are Spambots

This is important to know about because it’s a turnoff for potential Sugar Daddies.  Having a big number of the Sugar Babies on this site as fakes, makes it hard for them to find the real Sugar Babies. There seem to be 3 categories of Sugar Babies on AgeMatch. The 1st category are advertisers or spambots. These SBs try to begin a chat with a SD with generic messages. After some few chats back and forth, they’ll request to talk offsite.  Once he’s on the suggested website, they’ll begin to send him information and links to their own cam shows. The 2nd category of SBs are full on scammers.  These SBs normally set up profiles so as to entice POT SDs. Many of these will say they come from other countries and need help to come to the USA to get a man.

The last set of SB scammers, include some SDs, too, and are common. These are the ones who have millions of cash, and they need you to transfer some back over! Of course, we all know that this is just another scam way of getting you to send over a few hundred dollars with no return.

Conclusion of Review

The dating site is just not the sugar dating site for me, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to sign up for its membership. The site doesn’t offer much or anything interesting. If one is looking for a rich Sugar Daddy, well, this is not the place to get one easily. There are better dating sites than this to get one, and you can find these in some of my other reviews.

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