4 Common Sugaring Profile Mistakes That Could Get You Overlooked

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So you’ve finally done it. You’ve weighed the pros and cons, you’ve decided sugaring is definitely the life for you, and you’re eager to get started. You’ve even chosen an online sugar dating platform and set up a profile. There’s just one little catch. You’re not getting nearly as much attention as you thought you would, but you can’t figure out where you’re going wrong. Try evaluating your profile for the following common mistakes and performing some tweaks accordingly.

1. Not Enough Information

Many people make the mistake of assuming that no one really reads profiles on dating sites, sugaring sites included, but nothing could be further from the truth. All of those information fields are there for a reason – to tell potential sugar matches what you’re all about – so you’ll want to make sure you have something entered in as many different spaces as possible.

While there’s no need to write out your entire life story on your profile, you do want to tell would-be matches enough about yourself for them to see whether you’re a good fit for them. What are your interests? What’s your personality like? What are you looking for in a potential sugar baby or sugar daddy? Give would-be matches at least enough to make them want to ask you more.

2. No Verification

Unfortunately, not everyone in the sugar bowl is who or what they claim to be. Many of the best, most experienced sugar babies and sugar daddies know all too well what it’s like to be taken for a ride and won’t be eager to repeat the experience. That’s why bona fide sugaring sites are such a godsend. Most include an optional verification process that lets interested parties know a given member has been investigated and confirmed to be everything they say they are.

Have you taken the time to get yourself verified? If not, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’re not going to generate as much interest as you otherwise would. If you’re serious about attracting truly high level sugar daters, undergoing verification is the number one best thing you can do to maximize your chances.

3. Low Quality Photos

While looks aren’t absolutely everything when it comes to successful sugaring, they’re definitely very important. If you don’t have any photos posted, that’s going to be a big part of the reason you’re not generating more interest. If you do have plenty of photos up already, it’s time to give them a good, honest once-over and ask yourself whether they’re helping your cause or hurting it.

Good sugaring photos that attract lots of interest are clear and high in quality. They also make it easy to see what the subject of the photos really looks like from head to toe. Save the tight close-ups and blurry, overly artsy shots for Instagram. Instead, include a good mixture of face shots and full body shots so people can really see what you’re bringing to the table physically.

4. Sky-High Expectations

It’s definitely advisable to be clear in your profile as to what you’re looking for and what you’d expect from a potential sugar match. It’s even a good idea to be pretty detailed so potential matches really know what they’re getting into if they pick you. However, it’s all too easy to go over the top here, so you’ll want to ask yourself some serious questions about how you’re coming across in this regard.

Are you demanding things from a potential sugar match that are truly unreasonable or that might be interpreted as such? (Common examples include but aren’t necessarily limited to crazy high allowance numbers or anything sexual.) Many sugar daters find they have better luck simply focusing on the basics, as well as what they themselves can bring to a potential arrangement when it comes to their profiles. There will be plenty of time to get into specifics later on after you’ve decided to meet with a possible match.

Ultimately, attracting the sweetest sugar matches are largely about striking a good balance between informative and alluring. Tell those interested in your profile what they need to know about you to determine you’re what they’re looking for. Leave the rest to be explored and discovered later.